Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

GRTV News - صابر يؤكد أن Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake لا يزال قيد التطوير

هل طبعة جديدة من KOTOR ميتة أم لا؟

Audio transcriptions

"G.R.T.V News We're getting into today's news piece and it is another update on the sort of...
Is it dead? Is it not?
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake Sabre are confirming that it is still in the works We've not seen anything from it since that initial announcement trailer which was very hype but it was just a CGI trailer so it doesn't really matter Vague comments have led to us thinking that there's going to be some sort of development issues Well, it seems like it has been in development hell for quite a while as it's been pushed from its original studio to Sabre and... I can't remember, I think it was Aspyr who was originally working on it I can't remember for the life of me But in any case, it's been claimed by Embracer that it is going alive and well over there at the Knights of the Old Republic Remake I don't think that's true But I don't think they can quite say it's been cancelled yet Even with Embracer being..."

"Things being very rocky at Embracer right now A lot of studios getting sold off including... I think Sabre is a part of that As well, Gearbox has been sold to 2K We've seen a lot of studios just be given away but Embracer seems to be restructuring, I think is the polite way to term it as following the..."

"Oh my gosh, GR News interception there Yes, Embracer is selling Sabre Interactive Thank you, Ben, for confirming that and stepping into the GRTV News video Yeah, it's not much to say really, as you can probably tell from this It really isn't much to go on Hearing that it's still in the works is, well, exactly what Sabre would say I think it might be time to mercy kill this project because there are some fans of the original who would really love to see something like a Knights of the Old Republic Remake But it's years away Even if it comes out, it is years away still It's not going to be..."

"It's really hard to find hope for this project when you just hear so many rumours about its development not going well The rumour that started all this was that a prototype build had been sent to publishers and they disliked it so much that they got Sabre in to look at it and now we're seeing Sabre go back to independency Does that mean that Embracer is still going to be working on it?
I have no clue on any of this, to be honest It really is an interesting but quite disheartening thing I think if you're a Knights of the Old Republic fan Are you a Knights of the Old Republic fan?
For me, I've only played the Old Republic era through the MMO But let me know if you still have hope for Knights of the Old Republic as a remake or if you just think it's dead in the water But in any case, I'll see you on tomorrow's GITV News video Bye bye!"

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