Alogic Lift 4-in-1 (Quick Look) - حل الطاقة المحمول النهائي

يوفر هذا الشاحن المتوافق مع MagSafe العديد من حلول الشحن اللاسلكي والسلكي.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look. I love it when this EDC notion gets into the nitty gritty of consumer electronics design. Basically how we take different functionalities and we pack it into these really small compact units that we can carry around and they can offer up different kinds of functionality depending on the actual situations that we want to use them in. Case in point, this is a lot of different things in a really tight compact frame. This is, it has a long-winded name because that's the way Elogic names their units, but let's just call it the Elogic Lift 4-in-1. It is essentially a power bank, but it's a power bank with lots of different ways in which you can charge the things that matter to you. So for one, you can obviously tell by this little pattern here at the front that this is a MagSafe compatible device. Now that means that you just slap it on the back of your phone and your phone will automatically start charging through the 15 watt wireless MagSafe protocol, which of course has a pretty strong magnetic attachment. You can see that it is pretty strong. Like we have tested it here just off the cuff on Gamereactor Quick Look where MagSafe compatible devices fell off. So it does occur, but it's something that you can pretty easily trust, I would say. Now I have done this with other things and they've fallen off, but it depends on a lot of different things. A lot of manufacturers actually choose to strengthen the magnets like additionally than Apple themselves initially does, which just means that it's a pretty strong fit most of the time. And it's obviously does mean that you will need no cables for the main functionality of that particular device. But that's not all the Lift can do. So behind here, there's a bit of extra faff."

"One of these is a kickstand. Now it has like a flip. That means that it's not incremental.
It's either open or closed, but it also means that it has a really satisfying snap. So that means that I can put it like this and put my phone on it. So already we're in a pretty good place, right? But there's nothing groundbreaking here. Now there is an additional little shelf here, which I think is quite fun, which means that this little shelf can actually fit an Apple watch. Now that means that this little power bank here both has magnetic charging for your phone and your watch. Now we don't have to stop there because it's called the four in one. So I don't know if you can see here, but there are two ports here, one USB type A and one USB type C. Both of those can do 18 watt out. That means that while the phone is charging magnetically and the watch, you can run something through USB type A at 18 watts to say an iPad and like a Nintendo switch with the USB type C cable. That means that you're charging four devices at once, which of course will drain the battery pretty quickly. But it is an astonishing amount of compatibility within a really, really small frame. And the little kickstand means that this behaves much like a really cool nightstand, for instance, if you're out on a hotel or something. So in terms of the hardware, there's a little on off button here, which also checks how much compatibility you have left. So these small LEDs here indicate the charge. So if you press it, they will briefly light up and tell you how much you have ready to go. So that's really cool. And obviously the USB type C port is also for charging it back on. Now, what I haven't been able to test yet is whether or not you're essentially able to use this as a charger, meaning that this could take charge via its USB type C port and deliver charge through the MagSafe and Apple Watch charger at the same time, which means that you wouldn't need to carry a charger either way, either if you were on the go or if you were, for instance, at a hotel room or at a friend's house, whatever the case may be. But it's really, really cool. It has 10,000 milliamp hours in. That means that it should be able to charge a phone like the iPhone 15 Pro Max at least twice before it's out of juice. But it also means that if you have both an empty Apple Watch and an empty phone and put it on here, it's not going to be able to tank both up twice, for instance, before it's out of juice, that you don't get something that is this small with that kind of functionality. But still, it's 120 grams."

"That's like that's close to nothing, I would say. The one thing that I feel like is a bit obsolete is the USB type A port. I'm sure that there are people out there that use type A ports, but for us here at the office that kind of see the ebb and flow of consumer electronics functionality, particularly over weeks and months and even years, USB type A devices are just becoming less common. And for a lot of people who would need something like this, having USB type A cables at all on your person or in your bag is not very common. I would go out on a limb to say that. But if you like what you see, it's certainly high quality."

"And the way that we've seen a Logic products come and go here, this very desk here, they're pretty good. So stay tuned for more. See you on the next one."





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