GRTV News - قد يقام حدث بلاي ستيشن الشهر المقبل

يبدو أننا مستعدون للحصول على State of Play أو Showcase في مايو.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News.
Today we're going to be talking about a bit of a rumour, but it's a big one, if it's got any truth to it.
Basically, Sony is, we're expecting them to host an event at some point, or host a show at some point."

"We don't know what that's going to be, but we're expecting it to be the case at some point, because we don't really know what Sony has planned down the line, as is the case for a lot of publishers at the moment, but that's a different can of worms.
But the point is that now Jeff Grubb has stated that Sony has an event planned for next month, in May."

"Now we don't know whether it's going to be a state of play or a full-blown showcase or something like that, but the point is, it seems like we're staring down the barrel of some PlayStation event in some form.
So let's take a look at that and see what it could lead to.
Rumour. Sony has a new event planned for May. It seems like they are planning a showcase, just as they did last year."

"Last year, Sony had the biggest event of the year in May, in a showcase including announcements of titles like Bungie's upcoming marathon and Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater, as well as plenty of other games.
So, will they do the same thing this year?
It actually seems like it, yes. According to the trustworthy and reliable journalist Jeff Grubb, Sony seems to have something planned and here's what they say about it in the Giant Bomb podcast, while talking about Silent Hill 2 Remake."

"I've heard that there will be a PlayStation something, either a state of play or a showcase in May, so this is probably going to be there.
This wasn't the only curve mentioning about a showcase either, as Grubb later also added.
Does the game have a date yet? I can't remember."

"Right, so that's why I brought up the PlayStation thing in May.
If they're not going to announce a date by then, at that point when that thing is happening, then I would almost assume it's a guarantee to get a date for this game at that thing.
It was revealed almost two months ago that Sony won't release any new games and major existing franchises before March 31st, 2025."

"This doesn't mean that they won't have third party, smaller first party, or even something brand new planned up until then, and nothing prevents them from showing titles that will be released after that date.
Would you like to see a major PlayStation showcase in May?
Now, I think this seems incredibly plausible."

"We kind of have an idea of what Xbox has planned for later this year, but they will have a showcase in summer, probably around early June, as they have done in the past.
And likewise, we're expecting something from Nintendo still.
They have to show off the Nintendo Switch sequel successor at some point."

"They have to start revealing what they have planned for the second half of 2024 at some point as well, so we're expecting that to be the case, which just really leaves out the three main first party publishers, PlayStation.
Now, again, Sony has said before in the past that they're not going to be doing any major first party launches this year, which means you're not going to see a God of War."

"You're not going to see a Ghost of Tsushima 2.
You're not going to see a Last of Us Part III.
I mean, granted, a lot of these games haven't been announced, or we don't know if they're actually in the works, but the point is you're not going to see any games from these major franchises until at least April 2025."

"But again, Sony has other franchises, smaller franchises that it could target, things like we've seen recently with Helldivers, and as well it has third party titles, like we're seeing this month with Stellar Blade and potentially down the line with Silent Hill 2 Remake and Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater and stuff."

"So we're expecting a lot of information from things that are coming to PlayStation consoles later this year, and an event in May would be a pretty interesting time to reveal those things, to then set up for the second half of 2024 and sort of tease what they have planned down the line as well.
And as Jonas says in that news piece as well, just because there's no major first party launches coming until the next fiscal year doesn't mean they can't announce them."

"Doesn't mean they can't start teasing and say, here's a first look at Ghost of Tsushima 2.
It's coming out in, let's say, holiday 2025 or something like that.
So the point is that it seems highly plausible this event is on its way, and I think it's going to be a big one, so stay tuned for that."

"But as we know more about it, we'll be sure to get you posted, and otherwise this is all the time we have in today's episode of GRTV News, but we'll be back now tomorrow for the next one of the week, so stay tuned for that.
Take care, everyone."

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